East Sweden Infra Cluster is a professional network and regional movement founded to realize the construction of the East Link. The network’s partners are the municipalities of Södertälje, Trosa, Nyköping, Norrköping and Linköping, as well as the counties of Sörmland and Östergötland and East Sweden’s Chamber of Commerce. By local collaborations and interactive communication with the main entrepreneurs, companies can contribute to the time management of the project. ESIC is supposed to not only support these companies with information and knowledge but also assist them in marketing towards both national and international clients.

Short facts about ESIC

– Consists of around 450 members.
– Aims to create new business opportunities during and after the construction of the East Link- the century’s greatest action for economic growth.
– A regional movement that is based on agreement in big and meaningful questions.
– Work towards that as many as possible of the future 25 000 new jobs will be dedicated to our local and regional companies.
– Creates possibilities for international recognition.

Now is the time where the groundwork of how the regional enterprises should act, regarding the construction of East Link, has to be out-lined. ESIC can help companies interested in projects concerning the East Link to prepare for the start of the construction. This help gives the companies the abilities to in good time, submit offers, hire the right work force, and form innovative ideas and solutions together with other companies. According to us, collaboration is essential if the companies are to be able to compete for the projects concerning the construction and keep attractive for entrepreneurs and procurement in various segments.

ESIC exist to:

– Ensure that the East Link is completed within time and according to plan, as well as in an innovative and a sustainable manner.

– Create a cluster that possesses market-leading competence within big constructions of railways and roads. Europe’s greatest cluster within infrastructure.

– Give East Sweden opportunities for international recognition.

The project concerning the construction of the East Link has the potential to become a groundbreaking project within infrastructure. ESIC recognizes this possibility and would like to minimize transportations using fossil fuel that is connected to the project of the East Link. ESIC also aspires to front the project as a way to integrate newly arrived immigrants into the society, by working towards offering jobs within the project. Furthermore, the cluster strives to turn project of the East Link into a big influencer in the overall state of the labor market and make use of all valuable competence that exist in the region.

Procurement is used as a mean to get more youths and immigrants to join the labor force or start an education. The process of procurement follows local companies closely in order to give them a chance to join the competition of the jobs within projects.