The East Link is completed within time, according to plan, and in a sustainable and innovative manner.
Create an attractive region that invites for new jobs and competence. Together we can turn our region to an even more
exciting place.
To be a cluster that can compete in future infrastructure projects. ESIC strives towards becoming a cluster that is an expert in
how it is to collaborate in big infrastructure projects. Our vision is to become Europe’s leading cluster within infrastructure.


Information and discussions about the East Link. Development/content.
Knowledge and competence as a tool for active participation.
Business development and collaborations in order to be able to gain larger projects.


East Sweden’s Chamber of Commerce manages the work by a management and its project manager. Regular meetings will be held in Linköping, Norrköping, Nyköping and Södertälje. At the meetings the ESIC’s members will get the opportunity to match-making and to meet the companies that The Swedish Transport Administration has hired as entrepreneurs. Through newsletters (only in Swedish) and the web login, the members get access to a varying information. Educations within relevant areas, such as procurement, contract writing, and safety and environment issues, can be held upon demand.