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Trade Talks – India

Trade Talks by Swedish Chambers is a joint initiative by the regional Chambers of Commerce in Sweden within the area of international trade. At this webinar we will learn everything we need to know about the Indian market.

The superlatives can be many when talking about India: it’s the world’s most populated country, has the fastest-growing major economy, and is projected to rank as the third largest economy by 2027.

India is indeed a market that most companies should consider – and have a strategy for. India declaring Sweden last year as one of twelve explicitly prioritized markets makes the potential for mutually beneficial business relations even better. With its expansive market and a growing middle class, India opens up potential in most areas, whether it involves advanced manufacturing, outsourcing services, or the sale of industrial or consumer products. Learn more about how your company can benefit from this dynamic market.

During this webinar, leading experts will explore business opportunities and talk about how to navigate the Indian market, provide insight, company cases and best practices to Swedish companies seeking to expand in India.


Sara Larsson, Head of Swedish Cahmber of Commerce in India
Jonas Olsson, Country Lead Volvo Car India Tech Hub
Ranjit Jakkli, VD KraftPowercon
Jesper Öhrn och Martin Henningsson, Västsvenska Handelskammaren 


Trade Talks by Swedish Chambers is a joint initiative by the regional Chambers of Commerce in Sweden. It consists of a webinar series hosted by experienced experts from our chamber network worldwide.

Through Trade Talks you get access to the latest updates and analysis on current markets. The webinars are built in dialogue with experts from both Swedish and foreign Chambers of Commerce, other relevant market experts, as well as companies and organizations that can provide experience and lessons learned from respective markets.


Exporting and importing companies, or companies that are considering starting to work on an international market. Trade Talks is tailored for exporting and importing companies, or companies that consider expanding on an international market.

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